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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

THE NEW KING !! Everybody's Anticipating That New Free Hot !! Mix Tape By T.Lee Major Artists As Well As Major Record Labels, But We Want To Hear From Our Fans ! If You Love What Were Doing & You Enjoy Our Music & You Support Us Hear. Continue To Support Us & Demand T.Lee To Perform In Your City.. & DesFly Is In The Building !!.... "THE NEW KING" Single #Closure #TheBusiness #TakeMySwagger Free Download Track Off The 50 Cent Movie #Follow @TLeeMusic504 FB TLeeMusic504

Sunday, September 8, 2013

DesFly Paper Boy New Hott !! Single #Closure

This month you will witness one of the hottest upcoming rappers in the music industry. With a swagger like know other, spit like know other, major artist already know of him, why shouldn't they he's been in the game 10 yrs. Already, A few soundtracks for major movies, out shinning a few major artist at they shows. So these elite artist know they have to go hard because he's coming and when food start moving off people's plates that's when they start to hate !!. #T.Lee Baby #Closure Sept. 2013 #Get It !. CATCH T.LEE #CLOSURE FEATURED IN THE INDEPENDENT ARTIST MAGAZINE DEC. @ JAN. ISSUE @DesFly 3h DJ Whoo Kid & DesFly Discussing #Closure … … via
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